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Clipping path is such a process through which we remove the original background of an image or a photo to make it more interesting, attractive or delicate or make any object of that image focused when it’s needed. Clipping path is a technique done with the Photoshop pen tool. Clipping path is the initial process of graphic design. Most of graphic changes are done with clipping path as in Background removing and drop out background. What we actually do in this process? We draw a clean and sharp edge toward the outline of the object we need and cut it out from its background or from what the object is surrounded with.

Why We Need to Do Clipping Path

The main reasons are:
• To cut the certain object out from the image background
• To get the accurate and more sharp edge of the object
• To bring a change in the background
• To do color correction

How to Edit an Image with Clipping Path

Clipping path is a must for those who are working with photo editing services or publications as in printing industry , printing press, magazine, graphic designing, photo publication industry, web develop company, online product shop, photography, newspaper advertising agency or even for personal need.




Clipping path is a quite simple process. To take the initiative for clipping path you must need to get installed with Adobe Photoshop. Then, opening the image in the Photoshop, select the pen tool. Draw a sharp outline around the object that you need to cut out from the other portion of the image. In short, if you cut out a photo from a magazine or newspaper that could be the services. You might have heard that, Clipping Path recommends a vector path or the shape of an image. When it’s applied in an image, the whole inside portion of the path is been separated from the outer portion. Photoshop is done with image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is a standard. The DPT professionals use their techniques using pen tools to make clipping path around the object. Sometimes it can define a certain portion of a photo for image manipulation. This service is usually used to remove background of an image. Generally, we remove only those backgrounds which have unwanted elements which falls the value of the main object or just remove it to get full focus on the spotted subject. Sometimes we also use the techniques to simply change the shape of the object. There have been so many techniques of removing the image background, removing unwanted element of the background, bringing change in the shape of the object but no other technique can rival the quality gained by using a Clipping Path applying the pen tool. Skilled graphic designers give huge priority on this technique to gain a sharper and more suitable effect for publishing. No other tools like magic wand tool, lasso tool can beat the accuracy and the sharpness of the use of pen tool.

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