Point Of Sales [POS] App is basically “SoftCore Shop Manager”


Your Shop may still maintaining paper based Sales and Store Process for products, buy, sales and inventory. Record keeping is not matter but in analog system like Paper based business process, reports generating has become a main problem section. SOFTCORE is a Leading Point Of Sales [POS] Application Provider in Bangladesh. We provide Point Of Sales [POS] Application which will keep all records and able to generate daily, weekly or any custom dated reports of Purchasing, Selling and Inventory which is normally performed for day to day activity. We deliver complete web based and desktop based Point Of Sales [POS] Application with barcode generation and integration by which you can able to easily handle multiple shop from a single point through internet or LAN. SOFTCORE has a good number of clients in Bangladesh who are successfully managing their Shop, Chain Shop and Mega Shop through Internet or LAN.

: Our detail offer for Point Of Sales [POS] Application are as following :


Reporting Features :

  • Sales Invoice Report
  • POS Printing
  • A4 Printing
  • Purchase Invoice Report
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Report with Value
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Product/Customer wise Sales Report
  • Date wise Purchase Report
  • Product/Supplier wise Purchase Report
  • Customer Due Report
  • Supplier Due Report
  • Customer Transaction Statement
  • Income/Expense Statement
  • Bank Statement Report
  • Employee Information Report
  • User Report
  • Item Price List
  • Re Order Level Report
  • Damaged Item List
  • Customer List
  • Supplier List
  • Profit/Loss Statement

Entry Features :

  • Sales Entry
  • Sales Return Entry
  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase Return Entry
  • Stock View
  • Stock View With Value
  • Product Category Entry
  • Unit Entry
  • Product Info Entry
  • Barcode Lebel Printing
  • Supplier Info Entry
  • Customer Info Entry
  • Cash Information
  • Cash Collection Entry
  • Expense Entry
  • Customer Due Collection
  • Supplier Due Payment
  • Product Damage Entry
  • Company/Organization Profile
  • Employee Information Entry
  • User Information
  • Database Backup System
  • Database Restore System

Development Platform

Our development tools and platform details are as follows :

  • Product Name : SoftCore Shop Manager
  • Language : .NET
  • Database : SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Supporting Software : Crystal Report
  • Application Type : Web / Desktop
  • Network Support : Yes
  • Delivery Time : 3 Working Days

Pricing & Support

Our Pricing & Support structures are as given below :

  • Basic Price : Tk 10000 BDT
  • Installation : FREE
  • License Every : 1 Year
  • Yearly License : 500.00 BDT
  • License Type : 1 Shop
  • Service Fee : Tk 1500 BDT/Month
  • Support
  • -- Phone : Free
  • -- Online : Free [TeamViewer, Skype]
  • -- Spot : TA/DA + 500tk
  • Training : Free
  • Training Period : 1 Day

Supporting Hardware

Here are the details of Supporting Hardware for the application. But those are not mandatory to operate this application. If you need, we can provide those also with this application.

[ Listed prices will be vary according to recent market value ]

  • Barcode Reader : 4000.00 BDT
  • POS Printer : 15,000.00 BDT
  • Barcode Label Printer : 20,000.00BDT

Last of all, one thing I want to mention that, we are committed to serve a high quality service to our entire valuable customers. You can find all information about us, in our website. We believe “Quality Comes First”. If you have any question or concern, please contact us at +8801717 639940 or info@softcorebd.com